TOWIE: Dan Osborne reveals Mario’s PI Ricky Rayment was the one who told Lucy Mecklenburgh that Mario Falcone had cheated on her!

by Anna Howell


Ohh, we didn’t see that coming!

During last night’s The Only way Is Essex, viewers were treated to the truth as to who told Lucy Mecklenburgh once and for all that her ex fiancé, Mario Falcone had been cheating on her – his very own personal investigator, Ricky Rayment!

Fans of the hit ITV2 reality show will know that Mario had actually asked Ricky to turn into a mole to help find out which of his friends had in fact grassed him up to Lucy causing her to end their relationship.

Put on the spot Ricky had told Mario that he believed the grass to be Lil Chris, which made a lot of sense as he had kept quiet when the whole thing exploded, faced the wrath of Lucy who still believed Mario and felt that Lil Chris should have done more to clear his name, then subsequently lost Mario’s friendship anyway.


Mario addressed his former friend, telling him:

“I was a total a**ehole to Lucy. I’ve heard that you went up to Lucy and told her I cheated on her at least 10 times.”

To which Lil Chris replied: “I didn’t say that. I don’t actually know who told her.”


But, in a surprising twist we saw Ricky then go up to Lil Chris after and tell him that he HADN’T told Mario that it was him who had told Lucy and that Mario had misunderstood something that Lucy had said, leaving us all a little confused.


That is until James had the good sense to ask the one person who was bound to know, Lucy’s new squeeze, Dan Osborne, who replied when asked who the grass actually was:

“Lucy told me it was Ricky.”

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Meanwhile Mario seemed to be getting a tad suspicious of Ricky’s shifty behaviour, but when questioning him over the situation, Ricky replied coyly:

” ‘It’s nothing to do with me. I don’t want to be involved. Its not my place to be saying things like that.”

Elsewhere and Sam Faiers and Joey Essex met up for the first time since they split and, surprisingly, after declaring that they still had strong feelings for one another (Joey even bought her a toy monkey for goodness sake), Joey said he still needed more time to think and Sam left the restaurant alone.

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Of course there was no sign of Lucy Mecklenburgh or Jessica Wright who have both been suspended due to the vicious cat fight they had with Jasmin Walia last week, who was also absent from the show last night but who was pictured in the Sun newspaper today leaving hospital in tears with her injuries from the fight covered in bandages.


Finally Wayne Linnekar made an appearance and is obviously pretty desperate to be on the show as he did a complete 180 with Chloe Simms, who he slagged to the hills in Marbs, apologising for his behaviour and saying he should never have called her an Essex Girl (but then mumbled something about his wife and daughter being Essex girls, so we don’t think he was being very sever)!

The Only Way Is Essex continues on Sunday at 10pm on ITV2/ITV2 HD – watch a clip from last night’s show below: