TOWIE: Joey Essex admits it was hard talking about his mum on show!

by Anna Howell

There is much controversy surrounding The Only Way Is Essex at the moment with regards to the producer’s alleged staging of certain situations and mishandling of sensitive issues.

In particular, the names of Mario Falcone, Lucy Mecklenburg, and Joey Essex have all been thrust into the limelight of late.

Lucy Mecklenburg and on-off-on-again partner Mario Falcone, hit back at producers after viewers watched them last week go through yet another breakup, and then make up, in scenes which the pair claim show bosses setup, with a little help from some cast members who they claim lied for dramatic emphasis. The pair took to social networking site Twitter to rant about their feelings resulting in much speculation that they were to quit the show before they were axed.

In the case of Joey Essex, fans across the country felt his pain as he was reportedly made to discuss his mother’s suicide for the first time on national television. This sparked much criticism from critics and fans alike who believe the show had gone too far this time in the name of entertainment.

However, Joey Essex has revealed to Star Magazine that, whilst it was painful discussing his mother’s death on the show, he felt he couldn’t not mention it as it was her Birthday and Mother’s Day last week.

Speaking to the Magazine the reality star explained:

“Well, it would have been my mum’s birthday last week. She passed away when I was ten,

“I don’t ever talk about her death, ever, not even with Sam. The only person I do talk about it with is my dad.  So yes, the scenes with Sam were hard.  It was a one-off thing.”

Another issue in Joey’s life which seems to be splashed across the tabloids frequently is the relationship with his co-star girlfriend, Sam Faiers.

Ever since last series the relationship between Sam and Joey has been under a huge amount of pressure and even reduced Joey to tears last year as he explained to his friends he couldn’t see a way of making things any better.

We recently revealed that Joey and Sam had actually taken a break from their relationship over the Christmas period, which seems to have done them the world of good, as Joey Explained to the publication, saying that they are now closer than ever:

“There’s a house I’m going to buy so we can move in together to make things official. At the moment half of my clothes are at hers anyway, so it feels like we already live together, but it will be nice to make it proper.”

Marriage is still a huge question mark that constantly hangs over the pair but, whilst Joey Insists they couldn’t be happier, a wedding is still not on the cards Just yet:

“We talk about it all the time, but we are happy as we are for now.”

However, that doesn’t necessarily rule out children as Joey went on to explain that he wants four:

“I want four! Two boys, two girls. I want to call my first boy Joey Essex. Or Joey Junior. But not just yet.”

Despite how happy the couple are, Joey went on to explain how Jealousy is still an Issue within their relationship:

“She’s (Sam) never been so jealous in all her life!  I have to text her saying I’m home when I get in.  I don’t mind doing it, though.

“I think about it.  When she goes to Sugar Hut, I always think there will be loads of boys around. But we’re famous, so people would know if something happened.”

It had been widely reported in the press of late that Joey and Sam are on the verge of quitting the hit ITV 2 reality show in order to make their own spin-off show, on which Joey commented:

“Me and Sam have been in the show so long now and we are who we are.  To be fair we’ve done well because things are happening with us.  But we’re not arguing anymore and there are only so many stories we can tell. But we’re happy.

“We have no plans to leave just yet,

“But, if Sam left then I’d leave, too.”

With regards to the spin-off, Joey continued:

“Yeah, I would like to. Never say never! We’ve had offers, but we’re still looking around.”

Finally on the subject of the turbulent relationship between his co-stars Lucy Mecklenburg and Mario Falcone, Joey hinted how it’s not just the audience that appears to be getting tired:

“I don’t know what to say about them. It’s same old, same old isn’t it? Everyone is saying the same.  It’s tough, but you just think: ‘Is this really happening again? Is this real? Can this happen every single series?’, but that’s just them.”

You can read Joey’s full Interview in Star Magazine on sale now.

The Only Way Is Essex can be seen on Sunday and Wednesday Nights at 10 PM on ITV2/ITV2 HD.

Watch an interview with Joey in the clip  below: