TOWIE: Lauren Pope says people don’t take cast seriously!

by Anna Howell

The Only Way Is Essex star, Lauren Pope has revealed that she finds it hard to be in TOWIE as other people in the industry don’t take the cast of the reality show seriously.

Lauren, who is an aspiring DJ, has been trying to expand her profession by taking a music production course. She has already been DJ’ing for the last six years, with many of her sets featuring in the hit ITV2 show, but feels that her reality star status may actually be hindering her career, rather than helping it.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, she said: “Secretly I’ve been doing this for a long time, but coming off a show like TOWIE, if any of us try to do anything of any credibility it gets mocked, so that’s why I’ve been doing it on the quiet for a long time until I’m fully ready to do it properly.

“Some people don’t even think I actually DJ, they think it’s a gimmick, but it’s something I’ve been doing for six years now.

“I’m back at college actually. I don’t want to sing or anything like that but I love music and it’s a natural progression for a DJ to do that. It’s something I enjoy, and hopefully once I finish this course I will have all of the technical side down.”

Lauren went on to explain how her favourite audiences tend to be students, because they have more diverse musical taste.

She said: “I love student gigs; they’re the best ones to do. They’re just nuts, proper up for it. I think students really know their music as well so it’s fun for me because I get to play slightly less commercial stuff.”

When asked who she would love to work with in the future, she quickly answered in a definite manner:

“I would love to work with Timbaland, Kanye West and Steve Angello. I love Swedish House Mafia.”

Lauren has been a cast member of TOWIE since the first series back in 2010 and is set to take part in the shows live Christmas special next month.

She said: “We’ve got a live episode, which I’m massively nervous about, in a good way. It’s split into three parts – on December 2nd we have a normal episode, then on Monday 3rd it’s the live one. Then we have a little gap before our proper Christmas-themed special.”

Lauren went on to say how she would love Ed Westwick, who played Chuck Bass in the US teen drama, Gossip Girl, to make a cameo in TOWIE.

She said: “I’ve just started watching Gossip Girl and I’m obsessed with Chuck Bass. I’d love to have him come into TOWIE and whisk me away, that would be quite nice. He’s British right? He’s not even American; I couldn’t believe it.”

She also thinks that current and controversial X Factor star, Rylan Clark, belongs in front of the camera:

She said: “I love Rylan, he’s such a nice boy, he’s done brilliantly. He’d be good on TV, you could imagine him having a slot on This Morning, he has such a good character.”

Lauren, like many of the TOWIE cast has been the victim of internet trolls, but says she doesn’t let them get to her:

She said: “Anyone in a show or in the limelight gets it, you just have to build up a very thick skin. It’s upsetting, but once you’ve heard it over and over it starts to go over your head.

“I’ve always had a bit of stick because I’m not your typical looking model – somehow I just managed to slip in a do quite well, I still don’t know how I managed it, I think it was lucky timing – but I just found an opportunity and took it.

“People are always quick to chuck insults at you, but for every horrible tweet you get you get hundreds and hundreds of nice ones.”

Watch an interview with Lauren in the clip below: