TOWIE Live: Joey Essex DOESN’T propose and Lauren Pope and Kirk Norcross rekindle romance!

by Anna Howell

So, last night saw the moment all The Only Way Is Essex fans had been waiting for – the live episode! But was it fabulous, or a disappointment?

Sunday night saw the build-up to the first ever live event begin with Arg gathering all the crew together to announce that he was planning on hosting a charity cabaret evening to raise money for Breast Cancer Care.

There were several situations set up during the planning episode, with hopes of them all exploding live on national television, but we have to say none of them actually did!

First of all was the situation between Ricky Rayment, Tom Pearce and Ricky’s on/off girlfriend Jessica Wright. After last series when Tom told everyone how Jess had been texting him, causing even more friction between the aspiring singer and Ricky, Monday night saw Tom this time texting Jess, prompting another famous Ricky Rayment storm out.

Later that evening, at a barn dance to raise funds for the event to raise funds, Ricky approached Tom and a little scuffle happened, nothing major, but definitely promising to come up again in the live show. But it did not.

Speaking of the barn dance, there was another seed of drama planted when Mick Norcross, who held the dance in one of his barns, banned Gemma Collins and the entire Wright family from attending. This did not go down well on Monday one little bit, but had been completely forgotten during the live episode.

And everyone was on poor Joey Essex’s case to pop the question to his long term girlfriend, Sam Faiers, during the fifty minute long live instalment, but whilst he ummed and arghed over whether to or not, and consulted just about everyone else on the show, he decided against proposing, much to everyone’s astonishment (none so much as the producers we imagine) leaving another climax falling flatter than a pancake left over on ash Wednesday!

However, the episode was still mildly entertaining, mainly due to the many, many hiccups, lines slips and over-timed scenes which resulted every single time in a conversation literally being stopped dead centre as the camera moved on to someone else.

The evening included an awful performance of Barbie Girl by Chloe Simms, with the only saving grace being the ‘ken doll’ interjections from the highly entertaining Diags, a cringey J-Lo dance performance by Charlie King, the worst ventriloquist act in the history of the art from Debbie and Carol and a badly mimed performance from Jessica Wright.

In between the performances we were ‘treated’ to back stage footage of the cast talking about their current issues, which mainly consisted of Joey deciding whether to propose or not, and at one point it looked like he might actually turn full circle and dump Sam on live TV instead.

But the main highlight had to be when it was revealed that Lauren Pope and Kirk Norcross had slept together after the barn dance earlier in the week.

However, despite the poor content, editing and camera work, the Essex gang have to be commended for their charity efforts, and, whilst we have always commented on how scripted the show is, it has made us realise how much we love the scripts writers at the hugely popular ITV2 reality show, and hope they come back to redeem themselves in time for the next series.

Watch Chloe Simms’s Barbie Girl performance in the clip below:

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