TOWIE: Lucy is ‘moving on’ from Mario, Kirk can’t decide what twin he wants and Lauren Pope takes a test of the blue line kind!

by Anna Howell

Last night saw the second episode of the current series of The Only Way Is Essex on ITV2, and after Sunday night’s revelations there was a lot going on!

First of all, as fans will know, Lauren Pope confessed to best friend, Chloe Simms that her period was late after an encounter with her ex, Kirk Norcross.

Last night saw the girls get all their glam on as they headed to the chemist to buy a pregnancy test. Whilst there they bumped into Bobby Norcross who was buying magazines about pregnancy in preparation for his surrogacy plans to have a gay-by (more on that later!).

The girls make their excuses and hurry off so Lauren can pee on the stick, which was followed by ten minutes or so of strung out tension, flicking between the girls looking at the stick to Lauren texting Kirk to meet her.

Meanwhile Kirk was coincidentally discussing having kids, though we doubt he meant with Lauren as earlier in the episode he had asked out one of the new Sugar Hut Hunnie twins (we forget which one, Mario probably knows though!) for her number.

Anyway, to cut a painfully long story short, Lauren is not pregnant (well, we think she isn’t, it was hard to depict from her grammar) but she still felt the need to have a go at kirk for not guessing that she might be, and for not telling her that their one-night-stand was over (we would think that the sun rising would normally suggest that, but hey-ho).

Elsewhere and Gemma decided to hold a diet club where, after being reduced to tears by Arg telling her he wants to find a model for a girlfriend (which we are pretty sure he is already claiming to have), she picked on him relentlessly throughout the meeting like a proper woman scorned.

However, when the group left it was her turn to get the stick as Bobby laid into her about her lack of support regarding his surrogacy plans. Gemma gave as good as she got, arguing what were actually some rather good points we have to say, until the point she realised that she had lost and then tried to backtrack desperately by saying that her negativity was a test to see how far Bobby would fight for his unborn child, and that he had passed. Bobby, however, did not take this explanation and stormed off.

Finally all eyes were on Lucy and Mario who, as fans of the show will know, parted company (again) during Sunday night’s episode after one of the Sugar Hut Hunnie twins (again, we forget which one) revealed that she had ‘done stuff’ with Mario last September in Manchester.

Last night we were all more than surprised to see that this time, unlike every other time, the separation had lasted longer than the show credits and not only was Lucy still adamant that they were definitely over, but that she was also moving out of their flat and buying her own place, leaving Mario weeping on his mums shoulder.

Tune in to see what happens next on Sunday night at 10pm on ITV2/ITV2 HD.