TOWIE: Lucy Mecklenburgh halts relationship with Tom Pearce over Mario and Joey Essex and Sam Faiers decide to be ‘friends with feelings’

by Anna Howell


After Sunday night’s explosive episode of The Only Way Is Essex which saw Joey Essex riding in on a metaphorical white horse to outbid all other men for a date with ex-fiancée, Sam Faiers, we all have not been able to contain our excitement at the thought of them getting back together.

However, we have been a bit too hasty…..

Sam and Joey split up at the beginning of summer, only a few months after getting engaged at the end of last series, after what can only be described as a turbulent year together.

Ever since the pair have contemplated their feelings for one another, weighing out the pros and cons of life together and life apart.

Then along came Elliott Wright, the cousin of Mark, to whisk Sam off her feet during a Las Vegas special at the beginning of the series.

He was followed closely by another ex, Lewis, who he found himself bidding against during a charity auction shown in last Sunday’s episode of the hit ITV2 reality show.

However, both of them were left disappointed on the night when Joey, who Sam had secretly wanted to win, turned up at the second knock of the hammer to double the last bid, reclaiming Sam for himself.


On the date itself Joey had a taxi bring Sam to meet him outside the tip, where diehard fans will remember he took her for their first ever date, before whisking her back to his house for a candlelit carpet picnic of cheese and ham sarnies.

The sentiment seemed to impress Sam, however, who used the opportunity to approach the subject of their future together, of which she was informed by Joey that he did not want to go back to the way they were for fear of being hurt again, and that at this stage all they could be was “best friends with feelings”.

Sam didn’t seem to put off by the lack of benefits mentioned in the title, but soon realised that none were on offer when she went in to kiss him, only for Joey to turn his head away.

Will they ever get back together? Who knows? Who even still cares?


Elsewhere and Lucy met up with best friend Lydia’s mum, Debbie, where the subject of Mario vs. Tom came up (shocker). Debbie told Lucy how she felt that Mario was the real love of her life and that things were going to fast with Tom – advice that Lucy not only took from terminally single Debbie, but also acted upon.

At a Halloween party held by Ricky and Jess, she told Tom that she most definitely did not want to be his girlfriend and that she thought she should be on her own. Tom didn’t take the hint well, reiterating yet again that they could still see each other without a commitment, before finally seeming to accept the situation exclaiming “I am a big boy, there are plenty more fish in the sea” – We are sure there are Tom, but we aren’t sure how many of them there are who don’t already have your number scribbled on a random Essex nightclub cloakroom ticket!


Finally Mario and Lauren had a run in about their less than effective attempt at a relationship, with both trying to tell the other more aggressively how immature they are, Ferne and Dan went on a rock climbing date where the size of his bulge made it impossible for her to refuse a second date and Charlie got jealous.

Find out what happens next on Sunday night at 10pm on ITV2/ITV2 HD

Watch the moment Joey won Sam in the auction in the clip below: