TOWIE: Ricky Rayment admits he doesn’t like Jasmine Walia – or any of her family!

by Anna Howell

The Only Way Is Essex star, Ricky Rayment, has expressed a strong dislike of new cast mate, Jasmine Walia.

Ricky, who is notorious being quite quiet and cool, has hit out at the new reality star, as well as the rest of her family, who joined the cast this current series.

Fans of the hit ITV2 reality show will know how Jasmine first appeared on our screens last year as a potential love interest for James Argent. However, when Arg turned up at her parent’s house to find both mum and dad on the date with them, he promptly made a dash out of the toilet back to his car without even saying goodbye.

Since then Jasmine has been romantically linked to both Kirk Norcross and Charlie King getting her a bit of a name for herself as a player on the show. Still, Jasmine returned along with her brother, Danny, this series full time, as well as appearances from her mum and dad again too.

However, whilst Jasmine comes across as rather typically Essex in her intelligence and & persona, Ricky insists it’s all an act for the camera having grown up at school with Jasmine, knowing that she is in fact a lot more clever than she makes out.

Speaking to the Sun newspaper at last night’s TRIC awards, Rayment explained:

“I’m very honest, so I’m just going to tell you straight, I’m not too keen on any of the Walias.

“Only because I’ve known Jasmine since school and she’s a very smart girl and then comes across very stupid and dumb, but she’s not, she’s very clever.

“And her brother, I can’t even comment on that.

“They’re just not themselves, that’s what annoys me.”

Standing next to Ricky was his girlfriend and co-star Jessica Wright, who, much more diplomatically than her boyfriend, tried to explain why she believes the family have not been welcomed into the bosom of the show just yet, explaining:

“They are slightly different, they’re not really friends with any of the cast at the minute, so there’s not a massive relation to them.”

The Only Way Is Essex can be seen on Sunday and Wednesday nights at 10 PM on ITV 2/ITV2 HD.

Watch a clip of Jasmine and Arg’s disastrous first date in the clip below: