TOWIE series 8: Sam Faiers says people always take Joey Essex’s side when they argue!

by Anna Howell

They may be happy as ever now, but last series it didn’t look like The Only Way Is Essex star, Sam Faiers and Joey Essex would still be together for very long at all.

We all watched as the pair, who have been back together since last year, started arguing at just about every opportunity, resulting in Joey breaking down in tears to his friends admitting he didn’t know what to do to save the relationship.

However, as we reported earlier this month the pair have managed to sort their differences out, due to a brief separation over Christmas, and are now more in love than ever before.

But, despite their new found domestic bliss, Sam still finds that the public tend to blame her for all that went on, and take Joey’s side whenever they argue.

Speaking to Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield on yesterday’s This Morning, Sam explained:

“It’s hard because people automatically take Joey’s side.

“You have one little argument, and it’s massively blown up. Obviously it’s great for TV, but it’s only a little argument.”

Another TOWIE star who can sympathise with the pair is Jess Wright, who is dating co-star Ricky Rayment, who added in the interview:

“It’s hard but you have to play real your real life on TV.

“It’s very real, it’s not scripted and we say what we want to say. It’s more pressure on the relationship as it’s tense and you’re being watched all the time. It’s hard to get your full relationship across. People think you should be married by next series.

“If you have a bad day then that transcends on screen, but you might have a good one the next day and not be filmed.”

Meanwhile, one person who is happy her relationship with boyfriend Greg is not played out on camera is Sam’s sister, Billie, who said:

“He’s got his own thing going on and I’m on the show with all the girls but I like it that way. There’s less drama.’
James ‘Arg’ Argent, who has just revealed that he started dating a model, talked about his recent weight loss:

“I’ve lost a couple of stone now, I said it would be a new series and a new start and I’d take myself a little bit more seriously.”

Whilst his ex, Gemma Collins exclaimed how much the cast were looking forward to seeing each other again, explaining:

“We all keep in contact with each other but we’re always pleased when we have two weeks off to get on with our jobs and daily lives.”
Bobby Cole Norris added: “It’s like the first day back at school. It’s exciting and scary, you’ve got a new pencil case.”

The new series of The Only Way Is Essex returns on Sunday night at 10pm on ITV2/ITV2 HD

Watch an interview with Sam and Joey in the clip below: