THe Only Way Is Essex: Joey Essex, James Argent, Gemma Collins and co warned of pay cuts if they don’t start behaving

by Anna Howell

Stars of the hit ITV2 reality show, The Only Way Is Essex, have been warned that they will have their wages docked if they don’t start behaving themselves, it has been reported,  only weeks after the stars, who were only earning £50 a day, had their rate increased to £80.

The warning comes after bosses at the Essex show have reportedly had enough with the stars wayward behaviour, in particular when it comes to filming schedules and times, and are so furious with the chaos that they have decided to play hard-ball with the cast.

The TOWIE stars have all been told that their daily fee will be docked if they are consistently more than 30 minutes late for filming, with producers determined to nip the prima donna behaviour in the bud before it gets out of control, and they feel that to punish the stars financially will have the desired effect.

An insider said: “All the stars on the show have signed contracts which state that if they are more than 30 minutes late for a filming session they will have their daily pay cut. This hasn’t really been enforced before but bosses are getting tired of the behaviour from some people on the show and are now clamping down.

“Let’s just say that some of the stars are getting a bit too big for their boots and bosses won’t take it any more.”

A TOWIE spokesman said last night: “We can’t comment on contracts.

TOWIE’s fifth series began airing on 15th April and will yet again run for 10 episodes concluding on 16 May 2012.

It has been reported that Lauren Goodger was axed from the show this week, because of her demands and temper tantrums. She responded to the claims in a video interview, which you can view here.The Only Way Is Essex can be seen Wednesday and Sunday nights at 10pm on ITV2 / ITV2 HD.

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