Twitter hate kicks off after Justin Bieber replaces ex girlfriend Selena Gomez with stunning Ellapaigé

by Lisa McGarry


Justin Timberlake really is the man of the moment and after causing quite a fuss with his performance at The Brit Awards on Wednesday night, just a few hours later the hunky singer, turned actor, turned singer again wowed another audience.

The ‘Mirrors’ hitmaker headlined an after-show concert at London’s The Forum and the crowd watching was really pretty star studded! There were loads of famous faces watching on and one of them was our favourite US teen idol, Mr Justin Bieber.

It’s been reported that the ‘Baby’ singer had a date on his arm too and Mail Online identified the brunette beauty as ‘ambitious teen singer Ellapaigé’. We wonder what Selena Gomez thinks about that?

Justin and Selena called time on their two year relationship recently and though there were rumours that the pair were heating up again, while the Disney star was busy promoting her new movie Spring Breakers in France, Biebs was seen with Ella looking pretty cosy.

justin bieber 1

Insiders told the Mail that the pretty 17-year-old is well known as an ‘ambitious singer’ and added that the teenager from Norfolk has been ‘determined to become famous’ for a long time.

A source told the website:

“Since she was at school she always wanted to be famous. The weird thing is she has worked so hard but just being seen with Justin Bieber is probably going to make her career.”

It might make her career, but seemingly it won’t make her popular and last night Ella was the victim of quite a lot of Twitter abuse at the hand of Justin fans. It was all getting a little bit too much for the young singer and she tweeted:

‘Might turn off my phone for the day I am stressed.’

justin bieber

She added:

“Please don’t believe everything you read. Goodnight sweet dreams :)”

This is all a bit dramatic and a bit too crazy for a Friday morning don’t you think?

Ella is denying that there is any romance and she tweeted one fan who linked to a story about her and Justin, insisting:

“that’s not true please don’t read that x”

What do you think fans? Could Justin be dating again or is this all just more made up rumours? Watch Ellapaigé perform and leave your comments below….

Lisa McGarry

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