The Voice 2014: Elesha Paul Moses leaves Nu-Tarna for Team Tom Jones!

Elesha Paul Moses

Elesha Paul Moses

Elesha Paul Moses could not have looked more different when she returned to The Voice this year!

The stunning singer has appeared on the BBC show before, as one half of duo Nu-Tarna and she made it through to battle rounds last year, before being knocked out of the competition by Cleo Higgins.

Since then the wannabe has branched out as a solo singer and she returned tonight to perform Everything Has Changed for the panel.

Before singing Elesha said:

Last year I was on the show as part of a duo. We were called NuTana. I looked very different. We got iced by We got into the battle rounds but we didn’t make it through and we decided to go our separate ways. As part of NuTana I had to play a role but this year I want people to see me as my own person.

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She added:

Coming back is a big risk, if I don’t get a turn that would be hard to take. That doubt would start coming in.

Going out on stage on my own is going to be scary. Am I good enough? I hope I am and that the coaches hear that.

For a while it looked like Moses was going to be unsuccessful but as she finished her song, Tom Jones turned at the very last minute. recognised his former team member and said:

“Your hair grew fast! I am so happy you are back and that Tom turned for you. I didn’t turn because there was a high note but then you didn’t hit it.”

The Voice 2014

Tom added:

“Nice to see you again. Now you’re by yourself. When you started off I thought maybe the key was a little low for you, but I liked it because it was breathy and human sounding….very sexy by the way.”

He continued:

“When you went up that clinched the deal for me. I loved the range that you have.”

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