The Voice 2014: Steven Alexander joins Team Kylie Minogue as Diva watch on! VIDEO

The Voice

Restaurant manager Steven Alexander opened tonight’s episode with a rendition of Your Game and a bit of a story for the team.

The hopeful has a bit of experience with the show, as he revealed that his aunt auditioned and made it through to the battle rounds in the 2013 run.

Maxine was one half of Diva, who joined Team Tom for a period last year and Steven explained:

Singing does run in the family. My aunty Max was on this show as one part of Diva. They got through to Team Tom last year. They had the most amazing time, constantly on the phone screaming. They loved it and said it was the best time of their lives.

Aunty Max is my number one fan. She is so supportive, it’s unreal. She will be there with bells on, screaming from the back of the room.

He added:

The coaches turned around for Max last year, hopefully they will take a shot on me. I want to nail it.

Walking out there is going to be a mixture of nerves and electricity, like I have never felt before.

The Voice 2014

As Alexander belted out his tune, Kylie Minogue buzzed in early, while Tom Jones turned later in the song.

Kylie later admitted:

“I got a bit excited then, I think you threw everything at us, we could probably work on pacing some of those runs and tricks but all I can say is I felt that and you swept me away.”

Tom added:

“There as a note at the beginning and I didn’t know if it was the melody, or if you’d gone off but then you got stronger and better and I could hear then what you were doing. I loved what I heard. At the end you started to give it plenty and I hit the button.”

the voice 2014 coaches revealed he didn’t turn because he thought Kylie and Steven would be a natural fit. He explained:

“The reason I didn’t turn is because little Miss Kylie turned around and boom, she’s going to be a great coach. Then the legend turned around….but you’re amazing.”

Ricky conceded:

“If I am going to give a reason for not turning around it’s probably because I was messing about too much with Will.”

In the end Steven chose to join Team Kylie. Do you think he made the right choice? Did you enjoy his performance? Leave your comments below…

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