The Walking Dead season 7 premiere spoilers: Proof that Negan has killed Daryl!

by Ranel Guy

The Walking Dead comes back on Sunday and we will get the answer we’ve been waiting for. Who said hello and goodbye to Lucille? The teasers running around have help us rule out Rick, Carl, and Michonne. Rick’s safe because he’s the fearless leader and we saw Negan grab Rick by the throat and drag him to the RV. Carl and Michonne have got to be safe because we’ve seen Rick go cuckoo bananas when the women he loves and his son are in trouble.

Sadly guys I think we have to prepare ourselves for the death of Daryl Dixon. Before you write me off and or send me death threats let me explain. Killing Glenn is too on the nose. We got the call back in Terminus. Glenn has had way too many close calls for us to really be affected by his death. Killing a pregnant Maggie is too dark. Killing Eugene, Rosita, Sasha, Aaron or Abraham won’t pack a punch. It’ll hurt yes but it won’t set the tone of the season. The point of a season premiere’s is to answer the questions the finale posed and set the tone for what’s ahead. Killing Daryl does that.

Negan - The Walking Dead

Rick has been Captain Bad-Ass for the entire season six and he needs to be humbled. Negan simply outfoxing the gang does not do that. Daryl’s death opens so many doors plot wise. For example:

• Revenge- the gang must avenge this death
• We feel sympathy for Rick. He’s been kind of a dick last season. Losing his brother humanizes him.
• The gang gets back to basics. They’ve been on a hunt and destroy mission for so long we actually forgot if they were actually the heroes.

the walking dead negan

For us the audience we are reminded that this the apocalypse and no one is safe. Last year we had death and gore but no one really died. Sure we’ve lost Denise, Jessie, Sam, Ron, Deanna but were we really attached to them? No. Remember when we lost Lori (yes we kinda hated her) that hurt. It shook us to our core. We need to get back to that and as much as I’ll hate Kirkman and AMC for making me ugly cry I am prepared to say goodbye to Mr. Dixon.


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  1. Kaydence on October 29, 2016 at 8:00 pm

    Spoiler alert Darly did not die Glenn and Abraham died. Glenn’s head was smashed and his eyeball fell out.Abraham’s head was smashed and Rick got blood on his face.Oh yeah and Rick got dragged into the RV and Negan drove the RV into a big crowd of zombies threw his axe in the middle of the zombies and sent rick to get it and locked him out. (Rick didn’t die)

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