Want to listen to Katie Price’s new single ‘Free To Love Again’?

Katie Price has very kindly (?) released a snippet of her new single ‘Free To Love Again.’

The dance track will be released on July 12th and is thought to have been influenced by her divorce from ex husband Peter Andre. It seems that Katie was inspired by Pete’s use of the marriage breakdown to sell records (he titled some of his latest songs ‘Behind Closed Doors’ ‘Distance’ and ‘Outta Control’) and has decided to get in on the act.

‘Free To Love Again’ features the lyrics:

“I love you more but in that different way / I’ll be a disappointment to you every single day / Not the one you’re looking for let me save you from your pain / It’s time for me to let you go so you’re free to love again.”

On Alan Carr’s Chatty Man Kate admitted that she can’t sing and is not a professional singer. Have a listen to her son below and let us know if you would agree.


Lisa McGarry

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