The Wanted scrap Justin Bieber-penned track from their forthcoming album as it wasn’t mature enough – Unbeliebable!

by Nick Barnes

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British Boyband The Wanted have scrapped a song written by Justin Bieber from their forthcoming new album as it just wasn’t mature enough for them.

Even though the track has been scrapped due to the baby lyrics, the guys still had praise for the 19-year-old, although we reckon that was obligatory!

Max George of The Wanted told MTV News: “We did a song with Justin. I think it was a great song and he did an amazing job writing it, but I think it was very much more suited to his style”.

I’m presuming by “his style” George means the delirious teenage girls that are called … Beliebers!

Siva Kaneswaran added: “I think that we weren’t ready a year ago. It just wasn’t ready; the songs weren’t finished. We want to put out the best us and we are ready now and every song is so personal and we’ve all aged as writers, and it’s very mature… and it’s the best album yet”.

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The forthcoming album release from the group will be the first since 2011s Battleground. Since then, the guys have recorded their own reality TV series and cracked the states.

Unfortunately, the group won’t be starring in a second season of the show at the moment as they want to focus on touring and album promotion in the coming months. Recording was scheduled to kick off this month and producers are apparently very eager to record a second season. However, having a camera crew follow the band around on tour would cost … a lot!

Can you beliebe that the guys have scrapped the Bieber-penned track from their album? Was you even that bothered in the first place? Let us know in the comments below.

Nick Barnes

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