The Wanted’s ‘scruffy’ Jay McGuiness refused entry to London nightclub – AWKS!

by Nick Barnes
Jay McGuiness - The Wanted

Jay McGuiness - The Wanted

Following mounting rumours that The Wanted may well be getting dropped from their record label, things just aren’t going swimmingly for the group.

First, Ariana Grande hints that her fling with Nathan Sykes may well have just been a flash in the pan and now, Jay McGuiness has been refused entry to a Chelsea nightclub.

Poor Jay McGuiness had to undergo one of those ‘Do you know who I am’ moments this weekend as bouncers turned him away from Chelsea’s Embargo 59 club as they didn’t recognise him.

We reckon it’s down to the fact that he cut all his curls off, not due to the fact that everyone has forgotten about The Wanted…

As if not being recognised wasn’t enough, the bouncers kicked McGuiness in the shins whilst he was down by claiming he was “too scruffy” for the club – awkward!!

An onlooker reportedly told the Daily Star: “Jay was told he wasn’t allowed in because he was dressed too scruffily.

“So he then asked the bouncers if they knew who he was – but they didn’t have a clue. His date butted in and told them he was from The Wanted. She was getting annoyed at being stuck outside in the cold.

the wanted

“But, it made no differences and eventually, Jay had to accept the refusal”.

I do feel sorry for him. He must have promised his date a night out on the town to get slaughtered, he tried to impress her by taking to a premier club in Chelsea, only to get shooed away like the local tramp.

But, is the dream set to be over altogether for the band? It has been reported that Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Tom Parker, Nathan Sykes and McGuiness are on the verge of being dropped from their Universal Music record label.

Poor ticket sales were originally blamed but then the Daily Star reported that eyebrows started to be raised when their new album started “flopping” in the charts.

A source told the publication earlier in December: “To put things into perspective, the record has so far sold around 40,000 copies in the UK – less than a single day’s sales for One Direction’s Midnight Memories. 1D have also sold more copies in a week in the UK alone, than The Wanted have in six weeks around the world”.

Just in case you also forgot about The Wanted, check out this video as a little reminder:

Nick Barnes

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  1. Common Sense on December 23, 2013 at 10:20 am

    And you actually believe all of these stories because…? Yeah, “a source” told ya. A source a.k.a. the media hired by someone who wants to see The Wanted fall down, when in truth The Wanted is far from being dropped, in fact their record label are still promoting them as speaking right now, they’re simply having personal problems right now (Max lost his grandad who was like a dad to him) and you don’t even know why they cancelled their European tour in the first place. It could be because they don’t have time to prepare for it seeing that they are going to Hong Kong and Singapore in the New Year and the 1st concert date started early February. This is the World Tour, not just normal gigs that they did for the past months until last week non-stop. And what more..Nathan doesn’t even broke up with Ariana. Did you know he was in Florida with her last week? Of course you don’t know.

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