Who’s the daddy? Peter Andre & Gary Barlow bicker over who’s the best daddy!

by Nick Barnes
Peter Andre, Gary Barlow

Peter Andre, Gary Barlow

Peter Andre became a daddy again a few weeks back and just yesterday, both Andre and Emily MacDonogh revealed the name of their new-born baby girl, Amelia.

But, the thought quickly turns to who’s the best daddy? Andre thinks it’s him but Gary Barlow thinks he’s the best dad too… oh my!

Andre joked that he and Barlow had ‘the chat’ about who is the best daddy as last year, the latter stole the Father of the Year accolade away from Andre who had won it the two years before. But, Andre admitted he needed to give his arm a rest.

He said: “I had this chat with Gary Barlow – he won Father of the Year last year and I had it the two years before.

“We discussed what makes a good parent, and the answer is simple, no one does it the right or wrong way, you put your kids first, you’re a good parent. I’m much easier and more lenient with my kids than my parents were with me, but it doesn’t make me a worse parent, it’s my way.

“Before he won, Gary said ‘I’m taking it off you this year, Andre’. I said I’d let him have it, maybe I needed to give my arm a rest”.

Gary Barlow - Dad of the Year 2012

But, being a perfect father comes with its drawbacks as Pete is currently looking for a new coffee machine that makes coffee so strong, you can stand a spoon in it!

He told the Mirror Online: “I’ve been online searching for the best coffee machine. Today I had two double espressos at 6am, a double on the train here and a single just now, so that’s seven so far”.

Since baby Amelia arrived, Pete has been taking on daddy duties once again and he’s only been able to get six hours a night in! Some of us don’t even get that… but, Pete should be used to it, what after Princess and Junior!

He added: “I know that probably doesn’t sound too bad, but to me, being a Greek, we like our eight hours straight. This is hardcore. I’ve realised now the real importance of coffee machines”.

So, who do YOU think is the number 1 daddy? Peter Andre or Gary Barlow?

Nick Barnes

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  1. Hazel on February 4, 2014 at 9:40 am

    I love this! Gary Barlow & Peter Andre…together! Lovely! They are both brilliant dads! They are the best dad’s their children could ever wish for, I’m sure! 🙂

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