X Factor fans FURIOUS! Sharon Osbourne FORGETS Saara Aalto’s name as Freddy Parker leaves!

X Factor fans have been lashing out hard at Sharon Osbourne on social media this evening, after she cocked up again on the live show.

Her act Saara Aalto was in the bottom three again this evening and was clearly devastated! She then found out that she wasn’t getting the Lifeline vote and was in the singoff against Freddy Parker.

Her nerves won’t have been helped by the fact that, as she was introducing her singer to the millions of voters at home, Sharon was forced to turn to Louis Walsh and ask for a very embarrassing reminder.

X Factor 2016: Saara Aalto


She clearly couldn’t remember the Finnish singer’s name and had to ask her pal for a prompt.

Fans have been hammering Sharon on social media as a result, and tweets included:

“Sharon thinking wtf I might have the start of Dementia! 😂😂 #XFactor LOL FORGETTING SAARA NAME!! ”

“Sharon needs to quit #XFactor @MrsSOsbourne you can’t ever remember Saara or what country she’s from”

“Cannot believe Sharon forgot her own act’s name?! Rabbit caught in headlights. Vote Saara, she is amazing! #XFactor #saara”

Saara Aalto

“Sharon is so rude asking the name of her own act, disgusting behaviour. Saara smashed it if she was English ppl would vote #XFactor #Brexit”

“@TheXFactor I agree with the judges comments on Saara. Sharon should spend time getting to know her contestant, especially her name👌👌”

“Sharon only sent Freddy home because she still couldn’t remember Saara’s name. #XFactor 🍷🍷🍷”

Luckily for Saara, she was saved by the deadlock vote and avoided being sent home tonight. She will go on to perform again next weekend and so Sharon now has six days to learn her name!

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