by Lisa McGarry

It’s a tough journey to the boardroom for the final six candidates, as each knows that two of their number will be fired from the losing team.

Once they’ve taken their seats in the boardroom, Lord Sugar addresses each team.

First, he speaks to Platinum, asking Patrick why he decided to ignore Ashleigh’s market research, leading Patrick to admit this was a mistake. Lord Sugar is left impressed with Ashleigh for winning the portaloo, despite the other team offering the vendor more profit on the product.

Next, Lord Sugar turns his attentions to Odyssey. Steven confesses he might have been a bit aggressive in his negotiations for the portable toilets. Lord Sugar struggles to understand why they picked the portable washing machine product, with Nick Hewer informing him

“I spent yesterday at that festival and I’d be very surprised if anybody changed their clothes over the period of three days.”

Finally, it’s time for Lord Sugar to reveal the results of the task:

Odyssey had total sales of £282.50 and the value of their remaining stock was £1284. Their total assets were valued at £1566.50.

Platinum had total sales of £373 and the value of their remaining stock was £1227.20. Their total assets were values at £1600.20.

Platinum win by a very slim margin, and Lord Sugar congratulates them on making it into the final, before sending them back to the house. Meanwhile Odyssey face a trip to the Losers’ Café, knowing that two out of the three of them will be leaving the process.

Back in the boardroom, Lord Sugar tells them he has to make sure his investment is going to the right person. He explains that the biggest disaster of the task was the washing machine, saying:

“Common sense says people bring along the clothes to last them for three days. They’re not going to mess about with a washing machine.”

Next, Lord Sugar reflects on the three candidates’ actions over the last seven weeks and asks each of them why they feel they deserve a place in the final.

Eventually, it’s time for Lord Sugar to make the tough decision and deliver his verdict:

“It’s horrible for me to actually make a decision at the moment because you’ve all shown some great stuff. Steven – I’ve got a lot of admiration for you because I do like your honesty and your openness. If you don’t know something you say you don’t know about it, you don’t profess to be anything that you’re not. Andrew – it’s difficult for me to turn a blind eye to the fact that you’ve been in the losing team six times. I’ve got to hone in now on the person that I’m going to invest my money in. Here’s what I want to say to you, Steven – It’s been great having you in this process here because you are a very sensible young man. So, it is with regret Steven – You’re Fired!

As Steven says his goodbyes and exits the boardroom, Lord Sugar says: “Before you go, take my card and you keep in touch with me and let me know how you’re getting on.”

Lord Sugar then turns back to Lucy and Andrew:

“I know how tough this must be on you two youngsters, having come all this way through this process. This is why it’s so difficult for me, because, Andrew – I really like you as a person. There was a stage earlier on in the process where I thought, perhaps he’s just one of these chirpy chappy chancers. Actually, I see now that you are really a charming young man. I like your matter of fact, no nonsense, no waffle way of putting things. Dare I say, you remind me a little bit of me when I was your age. Lucy – I think you’re a very intelligent young lady. I haven’t had the opportunity to say much to you because, as you quite rightly point out, you’ve only been in the final three once. When you do talk up, you do talk a lot of sense, although you sometimes sit back a little bit quiet. Unfortunately, I’ve got to make a decision. That decision is, as painful as it is, with regret, Andrew – I’m going to say that, You’re Fired!

Lord Sugar quickly hands Andrew his business card, telling him: “I wish you all the best of luck and stay as you are. Keep in touch.”

Lucy is congratulated on making it through to the final before she is sent back to the house.

As Steven leaves in Lord Sugar’s car, he reflects: “It’s a weird feeling at the moment but I’m more than happy to have got to the semi-finals. Lord Sugar gave me his business card so he can obviously see the potential in me. Maybe one day we’ll be doing business with each other.”

As Andrew leaves in Lord Sugar’s car, he states: “I am going to show Lord Sugar that I can go on and still achieve what I wanted to do with the £25,000. I’m determined that I’m going to do well in the future. To be complimented by Lord Sugar of reminding him of himself when he was my age, it’s quite a compliment!”

Steven Cole
Age: 17
Education: Completed education with BTEC in Understanding Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
Lives: Maidstone, Kent

Confident Steven, whose first job was working as a kitchen porter, has been setting up businesses from the age of 13 and is always on the lookout for exciting new ventures. In his spare time he enjoys playing FIFA with his friends, going to music festivals and playing golf. By the age of 27 he aims to have made £10m and be wearing tailor-made suits, a Rolex on his wrist and driving an Aston Martin. He feels the world is his oyster.

He says: “If I don’t get the last word then it hasn’t gone my way.”

Andrew Tindall
Age: 16
Education: Studying for A Levels in Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics
Lives: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Former school prefect Andrew first started earning money at the age of 10, selling greeting cards and donating 20% of the profits to charity. In his spare time he volunteers at a local nursing home, enjoys listening to music and is learning to play the ukulele. Andrew has taken part in various school productions and is currently working for his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. He admires Derren Brown and aims to set up his own bio-technology company.

He says: “It’s not a team game; it’s working together but for me to win.”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!