5SOS: Did Ashton Irwin DUMP girlfriend Hailey Baldwin!?

by Lisa McGarry

5SOS star Ashton Irwin shot down rumours that he was dating Hailey Baldwin this week and young fans are overjoyed!

The pair have been linked for a few months now and if he’s not dating the US star, then the Australian singer is certainly a very good friend of the stunning model.

For a period the pair were almost joined at the hip, but either Ashton has dumped the blonde beauty or they were only ever platonically linked. If he has been telling the truth.



When leaving the Warwick in Hollywood last week, Ash was cornered by a TMZ reported and asked about his love life. He insisted that he is single and not in a relationship with Hailey, explaining: “Hailey Baldwin is a very close friend of mine. She’s a wonderful woman. I’m not dating her.”

Ashton also explained why he wouldn’t be attending the American Music Awards and admitted that he’d rather spend the evening with his best pal Calum Hood.

The handsome guitarist teased: “I’m not going. I’ve got a lot of Shameless to catch up on,” he said. “[I like] the part where Calum watches it with me, that’s good.”


It’s lovely to hear from Ashton, since he has been so quiet on social media of late. Irwin hasn’t posted on Twitter since September and fans are missing him like crazy.

Do you think Ashton has been dating Hailey Baldwin? Has he dumped her or is he just trying to save her from the storm of negativity that is unleashed on anyone who is linked to the popular band?

Leave your comments below….

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