5SOS: Ashton Irwin thanks Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles for making him buff!

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5 Seconds Of Summer have thanked One Direction for helping them to get in shape and get buff!

Ashton Irwin has revealed that when he and his bandmates started touring with the X Factor stars, they had no idea about fitness regimes, working out. They had barely ever been inside a gym.

The ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ hitmakers admitted that when they started working with One Direction they realised that it was time to take their health and their bodies a little more seriously, instead of constantly filling up on junk food.

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While speaking to Rolling Stone magazine Irwin revealed that spending time with Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik made a real difference in his life. He explained:

“People think we’re f**king teenage pizza eaters, man. We are really self-conscious about the way we look. We exercise a lot, we eat well. People are looking at you and you want to look good. You also want to be confident in yourself. It takes a lot to step up in front of people a lot of the time. We were on tour with them (One Direction) and they worked out a lot. F**k, I want to look good.”

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5SOS have had the best Christmas break and all of the band decided to holiday together in Bali. They were joined by a crowd of friends and some seriously stunning models.

We love the fact that the boys are sticking together when they’re not working. It shows that they actually like each other and are genuine friends and it’s not all for the cameras.

We do love those lads!

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    Flip Off One Direction I’ve just had enough with you four for 6 Years Time To Switch To The 5SOS Fandom do you get the message One Direction or if you don’t get the message One Direction you will face S*** from me at some point I’ve stored all my One Direction merchandise all away never to be seen again until several years’ s time. Thank God To Be Free From The 1D Fandom At Last After 6 Years. Time To Start My 5SOS Craze/Obsession. All The Love As Usual 5SOS-H

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