5SOS: Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin just ditched Calum Hood, Michael Clifford!

by Lisa McGarry

The 5SOS boys have been keeping a very low profile since their Sounds Good Feels Good tour ended in October, but it appears the group – or at least half of them – are still in contact.

Fans were delighted when they spotted Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings having fun in New York, though there were some concerns about the missing members.

Ash and Luke flew to the Big Apple to watch The Fray in concert but they were keen to avoid the usual frenzy of craziness that surrounds them. One fan who spotted the handsome singer at the gig later tweeted: “Ashton apparently asked fan to not tell people he was at The Fray concert. „Tell them it was Avenged Sevenfold”.”

He did pose for some photos with those who were smart enough to recognise him though. Check out the pictures below:

Fans shouldn’t be too worried about the future of 5SOS because recent reports suggest that the boys will soon be heading back into the studio for a third album. They usually like to spend a few months writing, recording and perfecting their new music before heading out on tour again.

Michael Clifford recently revealed that he and his pals would be taking a well earned break and spending some time with friends and family, before beginning work on their new creation once again.

The singers all reunited a few weeks ago in Cancun, where Calum celebrated his 21st birthday.

It was a happy occasion!

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