5SOS: Michael Clifford making girlfriend Crystal Leigh jealous!?

by Lisa McGarry

Michael Clifford has reportedly left his rumoured girlfriend Crystal Leigh feeling a little jealous this week, after revealing who he considers to be his best pal.

The 5 Seconds Of Summer star very rarely posts anything personal on his social media pages and he has never acknowledged that he is dating Crystal, let alone posted anything sweet about her.

Fans then thought she may have been jealous when she saw him posting pictures of his cute puppy online this week and calling him his ‘cutest best friend.’

michael clifford

5SOS fans have been very supportive of the boys and accepting of the fact that they have love lives and loved ones. However, still, very few of them have ever had the bravery to go public with a relationship.

It could be because their management is asking them to avoid mentioning any other women, or it could also be because of the negative attention anyone linked to them ends up receiving online.

Someone should have sent the memo to Fall Out Boy member Pete Went, because recently he dropped some hints which suggested Michael is in a serious relationship and very much loved up.


“I’m sure we’d be open to it if they wanted. I see Michael [Clifford] a lot. His girlfriend is good friends with my girl,” he told NME (via Sugarscape).

“At the same time, they’re at such a different moment in their careers that it might even be more worthwhile for us to just hang out. Having been a person who’s been through the ups and downs of it, I’d be cool to just bro down,” Wentz added.

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