Adele puts a stop to ticket touts with ticketless gigs in US! OH DEAR!

by Nick Barnes

Yesterday, thousands upon thousands of Adele fans were left feeling pretty disappointed when tickets for her North American leg of her 25 tour went on sale and sold out within minutes.

However, it looks like some of those ticketholders are going to be left feeling a little disappointed as well, and yes, we mean you ticket touts as Adele is coming to scalp you.

It has been revealed that Adele is going with a ticketless method for her North American tour, which means that fans who purchased tickets yesterday will not receive physical tickets. Instead, they will have to present their credit card and some sort of ID when they arrive at the venue on the day of their gig, and they will then be granted entry, if of course an order matches their name and whatnot. This is actually a really good method in the sense that clumsy people like us usually forget our tickets and have to shoot back home for them.

Adele - Hello

However, we don’t think Adele and her team had clumsy fans in mind when they decided to go ticketless – they had the touts in mind.

When tickets went on sale in the UK at the beginning of December, touts were snapping up tickets on various different computers like there was no tomorrow. Literally minutes after tickets went on sale, touts were re-selling them online for crazy amounts. Well, it looks like Adele isn’t allowing the American’s to get away with it.

What this means is that if touts have bought countless tickets with the sole aim to sell them on, they’re going to be left very disappointed, because they can’t actually sell them – they will have to be present at the venue with a credit card and ID. If they do sell them on, then some fans are going to be left disappointed. They may turn up armed with some sort of confirmation email, but that means nothing in this case.

Adele - NRJ Awards

Whether this will have stopped the touts or not, we’re not sure, but it’s highly likely they’re going to be left out of pocket due to the fact that ticketless events make ‘tickets’ essentially unsellable.

This does pose a problem for those who have bought tickets for siblings, parents, friends etc… as Christmas presents and not thought and just put their own name and credit card details down. It means they may even have to attend the gig on the night just to get their relatives in the event. It does pose a few problems, but in the long run, it means more Adele fans will get to see the event without having to pay exceedingly high amounts for tickets from touts.


Nick Barnes

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  1. suckyourmum on December 19, 2015 at 12:33 am

    of course they are not going to be left “disappointed” legally she would have had to announce that the event was “will call”, if she didn’t she would have to refund anyone who asked for a refund, otherwise iot would be fraud. Any “touts” which bought ticket to sell would have bought them knowing that they would buy 4 sell 3 and use the 4th to walk whoever it was buying them in. What she is doing isn’t a new thing. You really think touts haven’t come across this before?

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