Beyonce meets her babies on Saturday Night Live sketch & it’s hilarious!

by Nick Barnes

Saturday Night Live continues last night and it was hilarious, but we have to say, we totally loved the sketch featuring Beyonce and her babies.

On the show last night we saw Beyonce (played by Sasheer Zamata) go to the hospital for an ultrasound in which she got to meet her new twins played by Tracy Morgan and Kenan Thompson. Of course, the doctor was played by the amazing Alec Baldwin.

During the sketch we got an inside look into Beyonce’s womb where her babies are chilling out. It’s so roomy in there there’s even a recording studio.

Saturday Night Live: Beyonce babies sketch

“Yeah we’re different, you know who our momma is?” asked Kenan, to which Morgan replied: “No but I think she’s important. When people meet her they screen, so she’s either a beautiful queen or a goblin”.

“I don’t even breath yet and I know who Beyonce is. Oh yeah, she’s drinking some lemonade,” Kenan jokes.

However, at one point the picture on the ultrasound screen went black, because the twins were throwing a whole load of shade at Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

Saturday Night Live: Beyonce babies sketch

“Oh no she’s not… I heard she carried two full grown ladies for 10 years called Michelle and Kelly,”… BAZINGA!

You’ve got to see the whole skit to see how hilarious it is. We’ll have to see if Beyonce has two boys now so SNL can say they called it…

Nick Barnes

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