Celebs were BANNED from taking selfies with William & Kate at the BAFTAs!

by Emily H

The BAFTAs brought out the biggest names in the movie world to London on February 12, and even saw Prince William and Kate Middleton head to the Royal Albert Hall for the prestigious event, but it sounds like no one got to commemorate the big moment with a selfie.

According to reports, as William and Kate were confirmed to be in attendance before the show aired live on BBC1 on February 11, BAFTA producers actually reminded the stars – including Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant – that they were not to asked the Duke and Duchess for a selfie.

The big bosses confirmed their selfie ban with the royalty to Metro, telling the site that they’d asked the huge A-List attendees not to bother the twosome when they hit the red carpet or inside the bash, which meant no duck face selfies for anyone.

The speculation came after sources revealed that the award show’s producers had issues a blanket ban on selfies with Kate and William during the show, making it clear that the couple were a bigger deal than the actors in attendance.

“Many of the A-listers are used to being the biggest deal in the room, but royalty is altogether different,” an insider revealed. “They’re not celebrities in the same way and bosses are taking no chances.”

BAFTA bosses then confirmed their guidelines issues to attendees in a statement, telling Metro ahead of the ceremony, “As stated in our guidelines for guests, we ask them to behave respectfully when attending the awards.”

It looks like everyone was pretty respectful of the rules during the award show, which was hosted by Stephen Fry, as William – who is the president of the BAFTAs – and his wife looked pretty comfortable during the show, smiling for the cameras both in and outside of the Royal Albert Hall.