Cheryl breaks her silence on becoming a mum, says baby Bear is “amazing”

by Emily H
cheryl cole

Cheryl is breaking her silence and giving fans an update on her new life as a mum.

Despite being very tight-lipped since giving birth to her first child in March, Cheryl is now speaking out about being a mum on Twitter and giving fans an insight into her life with baby Bear.

The singer’s Twitter spree began with the former Girls Aloud star promoting Payne’s new single as she joked that she wanted to see the One Direction star strip down.

“#LiamPayne #STRIPTHATDOWN this is an emoji test not a personal request,” Cheryl teased, before she then began replying to a number of fans who enquired about her family life.

Liam Payne

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“We’re all doing great thank you,” the star replied to one fan who asked how her little family is doing, before she then told another fan that her son was “amazing.”

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In another very revealing tweet, Cheryl revealed to another fan that Bear had only weed on her so far, joking that she thinks her son and her boyfriend “have a deal” to only get her dirty.

The two appear to be getting more open with fans after staying seriously under the radar over the past few months, as the notoriously private former X Factor star’s confessions come after Liam too has been revealing more about his private life in recent weeks.

Payne may even have let more slip than he bargained for during a recent interview with Sirius XM radio in the US, as seemingly accidentally revealed that he and Cheryl are secretly married after referring to her as his “wife.” Oops…

Watch what happened when Liam mentioned his “wife” in the clip below;

What do you think of Cheryl’s sweet words about being a mum on social media?

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