Cheryl fans delighted as she shows off ‘bump’ at Christmas Carol concert with Liam Payne!

by Nick Barnes

Last night, Cheryl and Liam Payne attended the Fayre of St James Christmas Carol Concert in London, and it didn’t look like she was too concerned about keeping her bump under wraps.

Whilst inside the event, Cheryl and Liam certainly looked loved up together, but the one thing that everyone was focusing on was whether there was a ‘bump’, and well, with the looks of things, Cheryl really is pregnant.

It has been rumoured for months now that Cheryl is pregnant with her first child with Liam Payne, but there has been absolutely no confirmation. The first sighting of such a bump came at Paris Fashion Week a number of weeks back, in which we seemingly saw a bit of a bump when Cheryl turned to her side. However, when she attended the signing for her new perfume a couple of weeks back, she spent the vast majority of the evening behind a desk keeping her potential bump well hidden.

one direction star liam payne and cheryl

However, last night whilst dressed in a Khaki green dress, it looks like Cheryl’s ‘bump
is well and truly visible, and there’s probably no denying now that she really is pregnant. We’ve still not had any official confirmation from Cheryl or Liam, but we mean, the pictures seem to show something is going on around the stomach area…

When the pictures began to surface online last night, fans who have been on ‘Bump Watch’ were pretty much delighted.

“Aww so happy for liam and Cheryl. Congrats,” wrote one witter user.

Another added: “For the love of all things holy: you do not need to be married to have babies and be happy. Liam and Cheryl aren’t doing anything wrong”.

“I’m so happy for Liam and Cheryl, they deserve to be happy and this baby doesn’t deserve hate it’s an innocent thing,” added another fan.

So, what do you make of the pictures? Let us know in the comments, below…

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