Here’s when Cheryl & Liam Payne’s baby will be born!

by Emily H

It’s looks like fans are still in for a little bit of a wait until we get to meet One Direction star Liam Payne and Cheryl’s baby.

According to reports, despite speculation that the couple could be welcoming their baby any day now – or may even have already given birth to their first child – sources are claiming there’s actually still a bit of a wait.

The Sun is claiming that rumours suggesting the baby’s birth could be happening in the next few days are just a little off, as an insider revealed Liam and Chery’s bundle of joy actually isn’t expected until next month.

“The rumour mill has been rife that the birth is imminent and there have even been claims she’s in labour already but that’s not the case at all,” a source told the newspaper, though Payne and Cheryl have not even confirmed they’re expecting a bundle of joy despite the former Girls Aloud star sporting a serious baby bump.

Liam Payne, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

“She’s still a little way off and has been enjoying the build-up as well as focusing on her charity announcement which is a really big deal for her,” continued the insider of when we can expect Cheryl and Liam to become first time parents, teasing that the baby probably won’t arrive until sometime in March.

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“It was important for her to continue working throughout her pregnancy,” The Sun added of what the singer has been up to lately, adding that “Cheryl’s Trust was her top priority” while expecting.

Payne and his girlfriend have stayed seriously quiet amid the baby speculation – and are still yet to even confirm they’re expecting – though an insider recently claimed that the two are planning to have their mums move in when the baby does arrive.

Closer magazine reported earlier this week that the two have invited their mums to stay to give them a hand, claiming the couple will be with their parents for about 6 weeks after their baby arrives.

“Joan and Karen are keen to lend a helping hand in the important but stressful weeks after the baby arrives,” a source revealed of Cheryl and Liam Payne’s big baby plans.

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