Cheryl & One Direction’s Liam Payne heading to America when their baby’s born?!

by Lynn Rowlands
Liam Payne, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

Now that it has finally been confirmed that One Direction singer Liam Payne and his girlfriend, former X Factor judge Cheryl, are expecting a baby, the couple’s fans have inundated them with messages of congratulations.

However, despite the fact that the pregnancy has been just about the worst-kept showbiz secret ever, Cheryl and Liam have still not made any public comment about their happy news.

But as we reported earlier, Liam’s sister Ruth has taken to Twitter to defend her brother and Cheryl, pointing out that it’s really nobody else’s business what they choose to say or not say to the media and to their fans…

And though Chiam devotees agree that it’s entirely Liam and Cheryl’s business, many have pointed out that they wanted only to be able to share in the couple’s happiness.

However, the news is now out, despite Cheryl and Liam’s continued silence, so as mentioned above, their fans have posted thousands of celebratory messages online. And many of those have stated that they can’t wait to see the baby…


But as Cheryl and Liam went to some lengths to keep the pregnancy a secret, are they going to be in any hurry to share photos of their baby?

Well, we can only hope so, however if they do share pics of their baby, it could be that they won’t surface for weeks after the infant is born…

And if and when they do, it could be from the pair’s home in America, given that Liam has work commitments in the States early on next year.

He revealed that last night while tweeting to his followers about a competition…

On the competition’s website, it states, “Join Liam Payne in the Recording Studio…

“You and a friend will join Liam Payne for a tour of his recording studio and a world-class meal at one of his favorite spots, Nobu.”

It adds that the winner will “Take home exclusive autographed merchandise” having been put-up in a plush Los Angeles hotel for the duration of the trip.

No exact date is given for when the event will take place, however, the entries close in late January, meaning then that it could happen anytime thereafter…

And as we can’t imagine Liam will want to be parted from Cheryl and their new baby, our guess is that they will accompany Liam to the States.

Do you think they will?

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