Eleanor Calder & Sophia Smith PICS! Where are Louis Tomlinson & Liam Payne?

sophia smith eleanor calder

Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson have invited their girlfriends to tour with them around America this month, but the One Direction stars must be leaving Sophia Smith and Eleanor Calder to their own devices quite a bit.

The pair have struck up quite a bond it would seem and if you’re to believe everything you see on Instagram, then we’d wager that the two brunette beauties are something close to BFFs at this stage, having spent so much time together over the past few weeks.

Louis has been dating Eleanor for almost three years now (where is the ring Tommo?), while Liam and Sophia are something of a newer romance, having dated for just over twelve months.

While Calder generally tries to stay out of the spotlight and is rarely spotted out and about with her beau, she’s been very open about sharing pictures of herself and Sophia online and this week we’ve had a plethora of pictorial updates from their trip.

sophia smith eleanor calder

El posted photos of herself and Sophia in NYC, where they enjoyed a spot of shopping, some sunglass purchasing and even a bit of sightseeing together.

In another picture the ladies enjoyed some al fresco lunch time relaxation, surrounded by bags containing their recent purchases, including items from cosmetic store Sephora.

sophia smith eleanor calder

Of course Eleanor wouldn’t be Eleanor without a Starbucks shot and in the last photo, the ladies can be seen posing with iced drinks from the coffee chain. She must be their most loyal customer!

The ladies must be getting very close, very quickly, because although Sophia’s Instagram account is private, we can see that her profile picture is an image of herself and Calder in New York.

Louis and Eleanor will be returning to the UK at the end of this month and it was revealed that the One Direction hunk will be in Glasgow for a charity football match on September 7th 2014. You can get tickets here.

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sophia smith eleanor calder

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    Louis was too busy spending time with his boyfriend ;D

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