Eurovision 2017: Lucie Jones wins most amount of points since 2009 with incredible performance!

Lucie Jones - Eurovision

Eurovision always seems to come around so quickly, and last night the Eurovision Song Contest was as wacky as ever. 26 Countries come together to showcase talent that they think could genuinely win the competition. What has always been interesting about Eurovision is that you seen one end of the spectrum to the other with the performances – from absolutely bonkers to relatively normal.

This year, former X Factor contestant Lucie Jones took to the stage to represent Great Britain, and she actually gave a stunning and flawless performance. However, no matter how brilliant our entrant is, it’s safe to say that we’re probably not going to win the contest in any hurry over the next few years.

Eurovision can be an odd competition as countries someties give their neighbours the most amount of points, and as we have witnessed ovet the years, the winner isn’t necessatily the best performer of the night.

Lucie Jones - Eurovision

Credit: BBC

Whilst the UK didn’t win the competition, we still did extremely well. We finished in 15th place, which is the best position we’ve finished in in years. Last year Joe and Jake finished in 24th place out of 26 entrants. We’ve also finished last in three contests over the years.

Eurovision 2017: Lucie Jones

© Matt Burlem/BBC/PA

However, having said that, we did score 111 points last night, which is the best we have done since Blue’s entry in 2011 who scored 100 points, but it’s the most points since Jade Ewen 2009 who took away 173 points.

Ultimately, we were beaten by Portugal last night.

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  1. Lauren on May 15, 2017 at 9:07 am

    I had the Portuguese winning song in my head all day long, and I worked out why. It is very “reminiscent” of certain songs, particularly one which goes “If I could just hold you again”.
    But there you go. I didn’t think the standard was great this year and Graham Norton”s wittisicms seemed to keep getting drowned out which was a shame. Yes

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