EXCLUSIVE: Charlotte Crosby talks new series, Chicken Tikka, bruised bums, being Indian royalty & going in her shell!

Charlotte Crosby Project.

This evening, Charlotte Crosby’s highly anticipated new TLC series will premiere, and we’re so excited for everyone to see it.

Last week, we had the absolutely AMAZING chance to catch up with Charlotte ahead of the premiere of ‘The Charlotte Crosby Experience’. We had a natter about bruised bums, Chicken Tikka curry, Beyonce & Jay-Z (the King and Queen to you…) and why people are going to LOVE the show. Head on inside for all the deets.

Explaining the format of the show, Charlotte explained: “The show is literally me getting immersed in so many different countries. I go across, well, I stumble across so many weird, wonderful, and amazing things, and I’m having such a laugh along the way”.

When asked how the idea of the show came about, and if she really knew what she was getting into, Charlotte explained that there was a list of different shows to choose from, and she just had to choose which she liked the best.

“I kind of had an idea [what I was getting myself in for], but not until I was fully out there, on my own, with a camera crew did I think ‘What the hell am I doing? Can I even do this?’ I doubted myself and wondered if it was going to be good.

“I felt a lot of pressure and I was like ‘I hope people are going to enjoy it’. As the weeks went on and as I went to different places, I got used to it, I just became more confident and more settled in myself, that I could handle all the pressure and go into these random situations on my own, and just cause mayhem”.

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The Charlotte Crosby Experience really is a good example of TLC being able to take Charlotte out of Newcastle, but they’ll never be able to take the Newcastle out of Charlotte. Even in strange, unknowing situations, Charlotte remained the girl that we all came to love on Geordie Shore and Celebrity Big Brother. However, there is one part of the series in which Charlotte tones it down a tad as there’s SO much drama and so much pressure that she goes into her shell a little bit. But, when she leaves the situation, and gets in the car to go elsewhere, she perks up again, but that’s the only time that she’s ever had to go into her shell and tone it down.

On tonight’s premiere episode, viewers will see Charlotte make her way over to India where she will have to attend an Indian wedding, but this isn’t any wedding, it’s a Royal Wedding. Charlotte has to attend a school to learn how to behave, and how eat like royalty.

“I’m literally in with the royalty crew, I’m like a princess,” Charlotte joked.

One of the only things that Charlotte wanted when she landed was a good Chicken Tikka, and by her own admission, the best Indian food really is in India.

We’ll also see quite a sweet, endearing moment on this evening’s episode in which Charlotte FINALLY gets to meet an elephant. She searched high and low, and even had to help out with some weird chores so people would point her in the right direction, but she was so happy when she finally got to meet an elephant, up close and personal.


One of the most HILARIOUS parts of the premiere episode is when Charlotte goes for some beauty treatment ahead of the royal wedding, and she has a poo-like substance smeared over her hair. Apparently, it’s supposed to make your hair healthier. But the best scene is when Charlotte received an Indian colonoscopy. Make sure you tune in tonight to see it.

“It didn’t work, it just pulled my extensions out,” she explained.

Back in February, Charlotte posted a picture on Twitter which saw her with a MASSIVELY bruised bum.

She explained to us that she fell down a stone set of stairs and split her arm open, along with bruising her bum quite badly. “They didn’t even catch it on camera, which I wish they did, because it would be hilarious to watch it back now,” she added.

When asked if the experience has changed her in any way, Charlotte explained: “I don’t think it has changed dramatically, but I definitely think I’m a lot more confident now. I was already confident in the beginning, but I’m a lot more willing to put myself out there as I’ve been around the world by myself, having to put myself out there with a group of people I don’t even know, so I feel like I can deal with different situations a lot better now”.

Charlotte went on to say that if the opportunity came around for her to do a second series of the show, or a similar experience, she would do it 110%.

Finally, in a future episode, Charlotte is classed as immoral for loving the king and queen of pop – Beyonce and Jay Z.

When I asked her about the run-in, she said: “I know! I couldn’t believe it when they dissed the queen. They obviously don’t know they’re the king and queen of pop!”

The Charlotte Crosby Experience premieres tonight at 9pm on TLC!


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