Fifth Harmony: Lauren Jauregui & Normani Kordei hit back at Camila Cabello

Fifth Harmony have revealed that they will soon be stepping out as a four piece band for the first time.

The X Factor USA stars had a tough Christmas, after Camila Cabello unexpectedly left the band. It’s been harder because it sounds like their split was not an amicable one. Fifth Harmony put out a statement saying Cam had left of her own accord. Apparently she wants to launch a solo career. However Cabello insisted that she was informed of her departure by the statement and hadn’t actually decided to leave.

Moving on from all that drama, the Work From Home hitmakers are now keen to relaunch as a smaller, tighter group.

Ally Brooke Hernandez, 23, Lauren Jauregui, 20, Normani Kordei, 20, and Dinah Jane Hansen, 19 are delighted that they’ve been nominated for PCA’s Favourite Group award. Even better they’ve confirmed that they won’t let Camila’s departure hold them back and the girls will be performing live for the first time since all the drama, at the awards ceremony.

“I’m incredibly grateful to start the New Year off by performing at People’s Choice Awards,” Normani gushed this week. “We have such a special performance for our fans. I’m stoked – it’s lit!”

The band tweeted: “First performance of 2017, live at @peopleschoice!!! ❤️ January 18th #PCAs”


If you are keen to see how that all goes down and how the girls are without Camila, make sure to tune into the People’s Choice Awards on January the 18th.

The girls will also be returning to the studio soon and are expected to put out a new album later in 2017. Fans are excited to hear what is put out on Fifth Harmony’s new record label and how the sound changes without Cabello.

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