Harry Styles’ sister issues warning to young One Direction fans!

by Lisa McGarry

Gemma Styles has hit Twitter today, to issue a stark warning to young One Direction fans.

The blonde beauty became concerned when she realised that hundreds of young girls have become convinced that her famous brother has secret social media accounts. One Harry imposter had opened a Twitter account at @PrvtHarryStyles and was encouraging girls to send him DMs and pictures.

The story worried Gemma and she immediately took to her own Twitter page to issue a statement to followers.

Gemma wrote: “For people asking @PrvtHarryStyles is NOT a real account. Do not send pictures or anything else. Stay sharp, stay suspicious, stay safe 🤔❌⚠️”

“For the record, none of us have “private” accounts, what would the point even be?”

“Sadly some people will just believe what they want to believe, but what else can I do 🤷🏼‍♀️”

“Sad that I even have to tweet this but for my own conscience I don’t see an alternative. Young girls don’t need this.”

Christopher Nolan continues to film the movie “Dunkirk” in Weymouth harbour.
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In other One Direction news, it has been reported that Harry Styles will be releasing his debut solo album much sooner than we expected. It could even be within the next month! The handsome star has been working on his new tunes for the best part of a year now and Columbia Records bosses say that what he has achieved will be a big hit with fans.

The star returned to London recently, after wrapping up work on his tracks and it’s expected that he will be the next One Direction star to drop a record.

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