Jake Quickenden reveals he maybe forgot to delete THAT d*ck pic off his ‘old iPhone 5’… OOPS!

by Nick Barnes
Jake Quickenden

We’ve all been in the situation where we get a new phone and we’re stuck wondering what to do with our current phone. Do we trade it in, do we give it a sibling, or do we just sell it on? Either way, we make sure that that thing is wiped clean of any trace that we once owned it.

But it seems Jake Quickenden maybe didn’t think about hitting up the ‘Factory Reset’ option on one of his older iPhone’s… Remember that Jake Quickenden d*ck pic that leaked a few weeks ago? Well it turns out he thinks he forgot to delete it off his phone and BAM, whoever got it next got a bit of a surprise.

When asked by New Magazine how he thinks the picture may have been leaked, Jake said: “It was on my old iPhone 5, which I sold and I don’t think I removed all the pictures off it. I told my mum and she said: ‘You’re an idiot’,”.

Jake Quickenden

His admission is funny as it was only last summer he said that he had never taken an x-rated photo of himself.

“I wouldn’t ever send a picture of my c***, never f*ck that. Not unless I had a massive zoom on the camera, no way not doing it,” he previously told the Daily Star.

However, when the leak did happen, Jake said that he was worried it would bring his TV work to an end, but now he’s realised it’s all a-okay, he’s not really bothered about the whole situation. It has happened and there’s nothing you can do about it now…

jake quickenden i'm a celeb 2

“I thought, ’s*it, is this going to stop me doing TV presenting? But I’m not disgusted with myself – I made a mistake, id I’m honest, I could not care less. It’s a knob at the end f the day. All guys have one,” he said.

Well, that’s the attitude to have, Jake. But whenever people see you on the telly, they might not look at you in quite the same way anymore… ‘my eyes are up here’.


Nick Barnes

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