James Corden shines bright like a diamond in Rihanna spoof video!

James Corden is obviously the king of viral – no matter what he does, it always seems to become a big deal on the internet.

When James took over the role of presenting The Late Late Show in America, people were extremely quick to dismiss him and say that he would never last. However, he has lasted and he’s done a pretty good job on the show with segments such as Carpool Karaoke becoming such a massive success. Sure, it’s not all down to James as there are some hard working people behind the scenes who help to put it all together, but it just wouldn’t be the same without James’ personality and talent.

Now, James has been honoured by YouTube after the official The Late Late Show YouTube page has hit 10 million subscribers. When a YouTube Page hits that landmark number, YouTube sends out a prestigious Diamond Play Button, and rather than just take a picture of it, James did much more than that.

James Corden

In what will probably be the latest in a long string of viral videos from James, we see him opening the box containing the Diamond Play Button, only to have the whole room lit up by a bright light, and that’s where we’re transported into whatever the hell goes on in James Corden’s head. Sometimes, we’re glad we’re not in there.

In the video, James spoofs Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ video but with a few different lyrics.

James Corden

“Internet is an endless sea, never thought you’d watch me. You and I, You and I, I’m so glad you subscribed,” he sings.

You really have to see the video to see how brilliant it is…

Nick Barnes

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