Jennifer Hudson sneakily drops new single ‘Remember Me’ and we were SO ready!

Jennifer Hudson has made a rather low-key return to the music world, and we can’t tell you how ready we were for new music from the powerhouse.

Yesterday, JHUD took to her Twitter account to announce her new single ‘Remember Me’. She did the usual – posting links to Apple Music, Spotify, and a teaser video on YouTube. When we realised there was new music from JHUD we stopped everything we were doing and opened up the Apple Music app in record time. It was only recently we were saying that it felt like time for new music from the globe superstar, and she does not disappoint with the new single.

It feels like it has been a long time since we had new music from Jennifer Hudson. It has actually been 3 years this year since Jennifer Hudson released her third studio album, JHUD. Although there is no word on a fourth album at the moment, we imagine with the first single now being out, it’s only a matter of time before the album follows.

The Voice UK 2017: Jennifer Hudson

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Remember Me has been co-written by Jennifer Hudson and Jamie Hardman. The track is a soaring ballad that shows off JHUD’s flawless voice. Jennifer Hudson has such a massive, wholesome, unmistakeable voice that just makes us smile every time we hear it. There is no denying that Jennifer Hudson is extraordinarily talented and her voice is something else. It’s perhaps the best we’ve heard Jennifer in quite a few years. As much as we loved JHUD, it gives us and ‘I Remember Me’-era feeling. The gospel-type choruses add some flare to the track as well.

Speaking about the single, JHUD said: “As an artist, when I discover music that I connect with deeply, it brings me a sense of excitement that I can’t put into words. That’s how I feel about ‘Remember Me’. Everything about it is special – from co-writing it with Jamie, to the recording process, to how it made me feel along the way. I just can’t wait to share it with the world”.

We mean, you probably should listen to the track seamlessly lets rip into her falsetto about 2 minutes and 30 seconds in.

Jennifer Hudson - Remember Me

The single is a much welcomed return to the music scene for Jennifer Hudson. We’ve missed her, and we were so ready for new music from her. She has one of the best voices in the music industry, and now we can’t wait to hear her fourth LP.

Can we also say… YES GIRL… You use that The Voice UK promo, because every other artist on the damn show never uses it. They have a massive platform and never seem to think ‘Oh, maybe it’d be a good time to release new music. I’m on the telly every weekend with millions of viewers watching’.

Speaking of which, Jennifer will perform the song for the very first time this Sunday on The Voice UK.


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