Justin Bieber blamed for Selena Gomez’s meltdown and her stint in rehab?

by Angharad

They were seemingly once the most loved up couple and love’s young dream but things have definitely gone down hill for the pair since their separation.

The on-again-off-again relationship between the young popstars may have impacted Selena Gomez more than she first thought. Reports claim that the singer has been hiding the truth from her fans since she announced the end of her “Revival World Tour.” The 24-year-old claimed she was suffering from Lupus symptoms however it has been reported that she is really suffering from depression.



On Tuesday, the “Come & Get It Singer” checked into a mental hospital followed by a trip to a Nashville rehab facility. HNGN (Headlines and Global News) revealed that Bieber’s new relationship with Sofia Richie may have been the cause.

Selena and her ex have recently been invovled in a very public Instagram feud. In August, Bieber shared a photo of himself with Richie and after fans reacted badly, he told his followers that he was going to make his account private if they couldn’t be nicer to her. Selena then told her former boyfriend that his fans loved him and suggested he keep his new romance to himself.

The “Love Myself” singer then accused her of using him to get publicity and Gomez reacted by accusing Bieber of cheating on her multiple time. One Directioner Zayn Malik was then brought into the feud when Bieber suggested that the singer had been a third party in their relationship and proceeded to delete his account completely.

Gomez reportedly said that this year was one of her worth and felt “backed into a corner” by her famous ex. bieber

By flaunting his relationship on social media, Selena could see how happy he looked “which sent her into a downward spiral.”

In Touch Weekly reported that Bieber was ignoring Gomez and that Gomez “had a meltdown” because of it.

Gomez was recently seen smiling once again whilst taking a cigarette break from the rehab centre and best friend Taylor Swift is said to be in close contact with the star.


As Bieber and Richie have since separated, Bieber is now hoping that Selena Gomez gets the help she needs in rehab and he and his family are praying for her.

Will the pair ever reunite after their bitter feud? Or more to the point, should they?