Justin Bieber is totally fangirling over Harry Styles

by Emily H

It turns out Justin Bieber is a Harry Styles fan – and a big one.

Bieber made no secret of his love for the One Direction star in a new post on his official Instagram page on May 19, where he couldn’t help but gush over Styles after his Carpool Karaoke session with James Corden on The Late Late Show.

Taking to the social media site to post a picture of the computer screen while he was watching Harry’s karaoke session on YouTube, Justin sent Styles a very sweet message.

“Just watched Harry styles carpool karaoke!! Hilarious!” Justin wrote of Harry’s skit with James, revealing that he’s also a big fan of the singer’s debut solo album which he dropped last week.

Justin Bieber

© Justin Bieber/Instagram

“Also congrats on the album, it sounds great!” Bieber added in the post, which has already gained more than 1.5 million likes in the past 5 hours.

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The gush probably came as a surprise to most fans familiar with the duo’s history, as Justin actually has a bit of a reputation for dissing the One Direction guys.

As we told you back in 2016, Justin appeared to throw major shade at the lads (and pretty much everyone else who’s ever risen to fame on a reality show) by calling out the fact that they were formed on The X Factor.

“I think people understand and know I was found on YouTube for my talent and not put together on X Factor or something like that,” Bieber said in an interview last year, which had many fans claiming he was calling out the boyband for getting their start on a TV show.

But it looks like all the drama is behind them now as we spy a new bromance blossoming…

Watch Harry Styles’ Carpool Karaoke session below;

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