Kim Kardashian hints she’s planning even more naked photo shoots

by Emily H

Kim Kardashian may be planning another naked photo shoot after sharing a photo of herself completely nude and climbing a tree this week.

The star, who posted the risque black and white nude photo of herself across her social media pages on September 5, teased that there could be more where that came from by hinting that she would be ready and willing to strip down once again to show off her toned body.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star made the confession on her app where she admitted that she wants to show off her weight loss with (what we’re guessing is) as many nude photo shoots as she can fit in her busy schedule.

“This had been my dream, for people to think that I’m so, like, fit,” Kim said, just days before she shocked the world with a snap from her latest naked shoot.

“Just because when you work so hard you want people to see a difference,” she then continued. “So, didn’t think about it, but, now that you say it I for sure should do a nude photo shoot.”

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In the video posted to her app, she also denied recent rumours claiming she’s locked in a nasty feud with her little sister Kylie Jenner over her huge business empire.


“I see a lot of stuff about Kylie. Her and I are competing or like that her,” she said, “but we both love makeup so much and there’s just never been a competition.”

“I think her and I see eye to eye the most out of anyone,” Kim then admitted of her relationship with her half-sister. “We’re like the most alike so there’s absolutely no competition whatsoever.”

See what else Kim Kardashian had to say about feuds and nudity in the video below;


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