Kylie Jenner responds to backlash over Kylie Cosmetics

by Emily H

Kylie Jenner is opening up about the often less than complimentary comments she often gets on social media.

Speaking out about how she deals with negativity – particularly when it comes to her Kylie Cosmetics line – Jenner revealed that she often gets “attacked” online when things go wrong with her makeup line.

“People will tweet me and be like, ‘Kylie, how dare you! Kylie, how could you do this?’ People know who is behind the curtain, they know it’s me, so they attack me sometimes,” Jenner said of the backlash she’s been getting in a new interview with Fast magazine, but admitted that she doesn’t let the negativity get to her.

“Things happen, and I have to understand that and learn from that,” she continued. “It’s a new business, and I’m going to make mistakes.”


The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star then revealed that she keeps her team on a pretty tight leash because she’s the one who takes the fall when things go wrong. “Everyone on my team tries their hardest to not make any, because they know it goes back to me,” she said.

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The reality star – whos new show Life of Kylie is set to air on E! later this year – then revealed that she struggled to find her “thing” before getting into makeup.

“I used to ask my mom, ‘What’s my thing?’ Kendall has modeling, what’s my thing?” Jenner confessed of struggling to find her place before launching Kylie Cosmetics. “I’m just so happy that now I have this. It motivates me every day.”

And it sounds like we can expect a whole lot more from Jenner’s make-up line. “I want to expand into a full cosmetics line–foundations, concealers, everything under the sun,” she revealed.

Check out Kylie Jenner’s ad for her collaboration with big sister Kim Kardashian below;


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  1. IshaPisha on May 15, 2017 at 11:52 pm

    Girl, bye. If it’s “your thing” maybe you should produce your own formulas instead of rebranding colourpop and selling it at a 75% + markup?

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