Lady Gaga just performed a brand new song at Coachella called The Cure & we can’t cope…

Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion

So, today was a special day for Lady Gaga and her fans as she is currently on stage at the Coachella Music Festival in California. She is the first female headliner in 10 years, and she is going HARD at the festival.

So far, Lady Gaga’s set has been pretty flawless and in parts has been geared towards her fans more than anything in the way the set list was put together. It’s as though she took what should have been an arena set list and threw caution to the wind and performed it in front of 100,000 people. It has worked, she has killed it, and it has been an AMAZING set. We’re just so glad she got the opportunity to headline Coachella and show off how much of an amazing artist she really is.

Then, just moments ago, Lady Gaga announced that she was pretty excited about the next part of the show because it is something she has been keeping a secret for months. Instantly our minds went into overdrive… is someone going to come on stage… WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Lady Gaga - Super Bowl LI 2017

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Gaga then announced that she has been in the studio working on new music, and one particular song by the name of The Cure was ready for the big time. It was ready to be debuted in front of 100k people at Coachella and millions more watching the live stream. We weren’t expecting Lady Gaga to debut new music at the festival, especially since Joanne was only released in October.

The Cure gave us a tropical kind of summer vibe, and it reminded us slightly of Gaga’s earlier The Fame days. It was a pop HIT and we honestly think it could potentially be a chart smash… We’re desperate to hear the studio version of the song because the live version was pretty much flawless.

As you can imagine, Twitter went into absolute meltdown when Gaga announced she was going to be performing a new song.

Lady Gaga - Super Bowl

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“We just got a new song and she sings Speechless. What we did to deserve her,” wrote one fan.

Another added: “How is she gonna sing us a new song and go back t doing the show? Does she understand she killed half the fan base?”

“She’s only performing Speechless because that’s how she left this fucking fandom after debuting that new song,” added another fan.

Other tracks in the set list have included: Telephone, Speechless, The Edge of Glory, Just Dance, Born This Way, Venus, and Teeth.

You can watch the rest of Gaga’s set below:

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