Lady Gaga on her Super Bowl HalfTime Show: ‘Get ready to see something you’ve not seen before’

by Nick Barnes
Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion

On Sunday evening, Lady Gaga will take on one of the biggest honours and stages for a performer – she will headline the Super Bowl Half Time Show – A honour that brings along with it a whole host of pressure, and over 100 million viewers in the US alone. There is of course a lot of speculation that is ever present.

Speaking at the Super Bowl Half Time Show press conference, in connection with Pepsi Zero this evening, Lady Gaga refused to give away anything regarding her 13-minute set. In fact, she told press at the conference that she wants everything to be kept a surprise, so she will be giving absolutely nothing away before Sunday evening. Lady Gaga feels that if she starts giving bits of information away it will ruin the element of surprise that she has planned.

One of the questions that popped up was about the little Bee emoji she used on Instagram recently. Fans speculated about whether Beyonce would turn up on stage, but following Bey’s pregnancy announcement yesterday we didn’t know whether it would happen. However, Gaga seemed to shoot down the rumours by telling press not to read into it.

“Oh you guys read into everything,” she told press before adding: “I wouldn’t read into it”.

Houston, you are beautiful. 🐝

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“We’ll be doing some exciting things during the show and I can’t wait for you to see it. … It’s a tremendously athletic show” she added when asked about the rumoured aerial stunt from the roof of the stadium.

One member of the press asked whether she would be making any ‘statements’ during the 13-minute set, in which Gaga said that during her whole career she has always believed “in a passion for inclusion and the spirit of equality. The spirit of the country is one of love”.

Speaking about Beyonce, Gaga said she was with the global superstar the last time that she performed at the Half Time show last year, and she said that she always finds Beyonce to be “very inspiring” adding that she “gives great advice”. She even added that she’s sent Bey and Jay Z some flowers following their amazing announcement yesterday.

Lady Gaga concluded the conference by saying that she will NOT be wearing the meat dress, everything she is wearing will be tight so there will be no wardrobe malfunctions, and she said: “Get excited to see something you’ve not seen before”.

Gaga and her dancers have been in training for months – they’ve specially crafted the score for the show, the story in which Gaga will tell, and they’ve also created what will be an amazing set.

We can’t wait to see Lady Gaga take to the pitch this Sunday.

Nick Barnes

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