Liam Payne has signed to Republic Records! What does this mean for One Direction?

by Lynn Rowlands

Earlier today, we reported that One Direction star Liam Payne has signed a new record deal with Republic Records…

In doing so, Liam has clearly stated his intention to not only focus on making it big here in the UK – with his Capitol Records deal – but also across the pond in the States.

And of course, Liam Payne fans are delighted for him, and have been trending the hashtag #congratsliam on Twitter for hours overnight.

However, there is some upset among the One Direction fandom that this news means that a 1D reunion looks more unlikely than ever.

After all, Niall Horan has already gone solo, and released his debut single This Town just a couple of weeks ago…

Harry Styles reportedly has a three-album deal lined-up, and so assuming he releases one album per year, then that’s obviously three years of working solo.

one direction

So far, Louis Tomlinson is the only member of One Direction who hasn’t announced solo recording plans, but he is instead focussing on getting his own record label and production company up and running so he can manage other singers and their careers.

However, despite all of the above, the official One Direction word remains that a reunion is still on the cards…

The aforementioned Niall Horan confirmed that during an interview with Graham Norton for his chat show. But while Niall insisted that he and his band mates have every intention of reuniting at some point, he couldn’t put a date on it. Not even a ballpark figure.

All he could confirm was that it won’t be “50 years” away, but he added that they are all “taking it year by year”.

So it’s fair to assume then that it’s not going to be this year, next year or even the year after that…

one direction calendar 2

We’ve thought from the get-go – when One Direction’s ‘extended hiatus’ was first announced – that 1D and their management would never state outright that the band had split. And would instead simply allow that assumption to be made when no news of a reunion was forthcoming.

Do you think that’s essentially what’s happening?

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