Liam Payne reveals he didn’t choose Bear Payne’s name & he’s a mini Liam!

Liam Payne is gearing up to drop his debut solo single, which means the amount of press he will be doing will be dizzying compared to normal. Besides questions about his forthcoming single and album, one particular topic that will be on every reporters lips is his new son, Bear Payne.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper in the US, the One Direction star affectionately spoke about his son and Cheryl, who he basically said is a saint… something we all knew anyway.

Liam said that he FaceTimes with Cheryl and Bear all the time when he is away from them. He said that she is “so great” and that she “does everything on her own, she’s been amazing”.

The singer didn’t give too much away about Cheryl and Bear, but he did say that Bear is a little “mini-me” but he has Cheryl’s eyes.

“We’re always FaceTiming and the other day he smiled at me for the first time, it was so special. I just want to spend every moment with him but she (Cheryl) is so great, she does everything on her own, she’s been amazing”.

When Cheryl announced that she’d welcomed her and Liam’s first son into the world, the pair didn’t reveal the name they had chosen for him. It was only within the last couple of weeks that the couple decided on a name for their new tot, and it divided a lot of people. As you’ll know, Cheryl and Liam decided to call their newborn son ‘Bear’, which isn’t the most conventional name out there and it was slammed by quite a few people online. We doubt Liam and Cheryl care too much about what other people think so.

Liam Payne

© Cheryl/Instagram

So, how did that name come around? Well, Liam has told The Sun in their exclusive interview that it wasn’t his idea, it was actually Cheryl’s choice as he prefers more traditional names.

“I’m into more traditional names, [Cheryl]… she’s more into more unique, original names that people will remember. It was her choice. I wasn’t going to fight her about it, she’s the one who’s done all the hard work, isn’t she?”

So there you have it! Bear was Cheryl’s idea, apparently.

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