Lorraine Kelly reckons Cheryl should ‘admit’ she’s pregnant as ‘it’s not something you can hide’

by Nick Barnes

Morning TV show presenter, Lorraine Kelly has urged Cheryl and Liam Payne to just ‘admit’ that they’re expecting their first child, as let’s face it, it’s not something you can hide forever.

It seems Cheryl may have taken (or probably not to be fair) on Lorraine’s comments as last night she stepped out in a khaki green dress that showed that Cheryl is certainly sporting a bump of some sort.

Whilst everyone could probably say Cheryl IS pregnant with a degree of certainty following those pictures doing the rounds last night, there still has not been an official confirmation from either Cheryl or Liam Payne. Rumours have been doing the rounds for months now about the pair expecting their first child together. We seemingly got our first glimpse at Cheyl’s ‘bump’ at Paris Fashion Week a few weeks ago, but when she attended the signing of her new fragrance, Cheryl spent most of the night behind a desk.

Speaking on her show, Lorraine said: “Have they still not confirmed whether or not she’s pregnant? Why don’t they because it’s not exactly something you can hide. It will come out”.

Lorraine went on to add that she completely understands that up until the three and a half month mark, you probably don’t want to confirm anything, but after that, then maybe you would admit it.

cheryl liam payne

“It’s great, it’s really good work,” Lorraine added.

So there we have it… everyone is pretty much certain Cheryl is pregnant, but we just need some sort of confirmation from the pair.

Nick Barnes

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