Louis Tomlinson may spill all One Direction’s secrets on his solo album

by Emily H

Louis Tomlinson is hinting that he may be singing about his One Direction bandmates and the band’s hiatus in his debut solo album.

The star dropped some huge hints about his upcoming release (which is yet to receive an official release date) in a new interview with iHeartRadio, where he teased that life in the band and becoming a dad to little Freddie have made their way into his music.

He also revealed that he wrote about a few things that have happened in his life that fans may not even be aware of.

“It’s very matter of fact, and that’s kind of the way I live my life, with my heart on my sleeve,” he said, noting that Arctic Monkeys and Oasis inspired his new album. “So, I’m trying to make an album that says that.”

He then teased that there will be a lot of personal stories in his songs.

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“It’s a little ambitious, but I’d also like the album to be able to play top to bottom, chronologically, so you get to know my story for the last two or three years,” Louis said, admitting that he’s “really honest” on his new songs.

“I think that there are little things that I think different people will take different things [from], I suppose. But the album in general is me just being really honest,” Louis continued while discussing his upcoming album.

“There are certain songs that are me really trying to humanize myself and say, ‘I’m just like you guys.’ And I think coming from that kind of perspective, it’s going to be interesting for them,” added the now solo star.

“I think there will definitely be certain events that maybe they didn’t know that happened.” Ooooh!

See what else Louis had to say about his debut solo album in the video below;

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