Michael Buble’s wife recalls heartbreaking moment she found out their son had cancer

by Emily H

Michael Buble’s wife Luisana Lopilato is giving a big update on their son Noah’s health after he was diagnosed with liver cancer last year.

Luisana spoke about her son’s battle in a new interview with Argentinian TV host Susana Giménez where she thankfully confirmed that “the worst is over” for the 4-year-old and also described in detail their battle.

The model, who hails from Argentina, spoke about how she was given the news about her son’s diagnosis during a trip to the doctors when an ultrasound discovered the something in his belly after she was initially told that Noah had the mumps.

“They didn’t know what it was yet, or if it was a tumor, but that day I decided to take a flight [to the United States],” she said after discovering that something wasn’t right with the youngster.


She revealed that she couldn’t get hold of Michael – who was on our shores in London at the time – but revealed that they’d always said that in the case of an emergency they would head to Los Angeles because it’s a halfway point between her family in Argentina and his in Canada.

She then managed to get hold of her husband who immediately dropped his work commitments and headed to the US to be with her and their two children.

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“It was all from God — I don’t know how to explain it,” she said of taking her son for the ultrasound after being wrongly told Noah had mumps. “If we hadn’t done that ultrasound to find out if he had mononucleosis … it would have been so much worse.”

“These things, when they happen to you in life, they make you realise that the most important thing isn’t what you thought it was — it’s to have faith, to be strong,” Luisana continued, admitting that she’s had many sleepless nights where she would pray to God for their son to be healthy.


“Every night I prayed for strength to go on,” the model and actress admitted.

But fortunately, she also revealed that the worst is now behind them.

“It is a long process — but thank God the worst is over,” she said. “For any parent, it’s devastating to receive news like this. It was very heavy. We received all the prayers, all the calls. The only thing that got me through it was faith, from the very beginning.”

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