MORE naked photos! Holly Willoughby & Millie Mackintosh hacked?

by Emily H
Holly Willoughby

There could be more naked photos on the way amid allegations more stars have been hacked.

According to reports, Holly Willoughy and Millie Mackintosh may be the latest stars to have their naked photos leak after a barrage of nude snaps of a number of celebrities hit the web over the past few weeks.

The Sun is reporting that Holly is allegedly “being taunted by hackers” who claim to have naked pictures of her and are supposedly threatening to post them online.

It’s not clear exactly how much skin the alleged snaps show, though the site claimed that hackers supposedly guessed her password and siphoned the personal photos from her computer or phone.

holly willoughby snt

Willoughby hasn’t spoken out amid the allegations, though a source close to her denied the allegations claiming that naked photos of the This Morning star could soon hit the web.

“Holly is unconcerned,” the insider said, claiming that the naked photo claims “are baseless accusations as far as she is concerned.”

But if there really are photos floating around, Holly’s certainly not alone.

The site claimed that Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh has also supposedly been hacked, meaning she also could be in danger of having some X-Rated photos hit the web.

Holly and Millie are still yet to comment amid the allegations made by The Sun, though the two are just the latest in a barrage of celebrities to be linked to naked photos over the past few weeks.

The latest around of naked photo accusations come shortly after Amanda Seyfried was targeting by hackers, while photos of Zac Efron and former girlfriend Sami Miro also reportedly hit the web last week.

Emma Watson also had photos leak online, which showed her in her underwear during a dress fitting while model and actress Emily Ratajkowski had her naked photos leak online a few weeks ago.

Mischa Barton has also found herself in hot water recently amid the supposed nude photo hack, claiming she’d been the victim of revenge porn after an alleged sex tape leaked.

Check out Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield joking with Ant & Dec on Saturday Night Takeaway this past weekend in the hilarious video below;

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